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Week 1 Report

Autumn Colours 2008

September 1 -September 8, 2008

Print Version (.pdf): Autumn Colours - First Report

Summer is still holding on tight! Throughout the province everything is still mainly green, although the brilliant greens are starting to fade out. Traveling through the province you will see the occasional splashes of red.

Travelling on Route 10 towards Coles Island turning down Lakeview Drive which follows the Washademoak Lake there is a lot of colour near the shore lines especially in the marsh area and into the inlets.

Travelling from the Saint John Airport to St. Martins (on Hwy 111 east) you will see autumn starting to show its colors. Maples are giving a warm glow to Main Street in St. Martins. Along the Fundy Trail you can tell the fall colors are trying to replace green leaves on the hardwood trees. From St. Martins along Hwy 111 east to Sussex you'll get a lovely view of color dotting the hills and the fields are like a patch work quilt of corn, clover, oats and wheat.

This New Brunswick Autumn colours report is brought to you by the Canadian Forestry Association of New Brunswick. More information on Autumn Colours can be found on our website at www.cfanb.ca.