Partnership Opportunities

Canon Envirothon NB 2011 logo

North America's Largest High School Environmental Educational Competition

July 24-29, 2011
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
Mount Allison University

Partners contribute to the Canon Envirothon 2011 competition in Sackville, New Brunswick, in various ways. Below are some of the ways to support this event.
Partnership Levels

Canon Envirothon Informational Video 2 from Canon Envirothon on Vimeo.

Resource People / Volunteers

Assist with the recruitment and support of volunteers to sit on the various planning committees for Canon Envirothon 2011. Over 300 volunteers will be required during the week long competition July 24-30, 2011.

Financial Contribution

Provide financial contribution towards the expenses of the Canon Envirothon 2011 Competition. The costs of the Canon Envirothon 2011 Competition are expected to be approximately $485,000.

The above options are negotiable and may be accepted alone or packaged according to the available resources and wishes of all parties.

Resource Materials

Provide learning resource materials/equipment for competition testing and training.


Provide facilities and venues, as required, for meetings and competition usage. Various days of the competition are dedicated to testing, training, and education tours in which venues must be selected that can handle the capacity of the participants. This is an excellent opportunity to spotlight New Brunswick's best resources.

Supply Materials

(Competition T-shirts, Participant's Welcome Bag, Promotional Items, etc.)
Provide individual items to be handed out to each participant such as their registration bag, competition t-shirt, promotional items that may be useful to the participants throughout the week, i.e., water bottles, waterproof ponchos, etc.

Acknowledgement as Partner/Sponsor

Please refer to the Partnership Levels section to review the acknowledgement one will receive depending on the value of sponsorship. Additional signage, banners and promotions are negotiable.

These options are negotiable to benefit all parties in the best possible way and to reflect the available resources.

CFANB appreciates the interest in supporting the youth of our future in this leading, environmental, education program.