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Week 4 Report

Autumn Colours 2008

Fourth Report
September 28 -October 6, 2008

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Fourth Report - Autumn Colours

Hills are splashed with autumn tints on Hwy 111 east and west from Sussex and the Saint John Airport to the Fundy Trail Parkway. Cross the Mitchell Franklin Bridge to enjoy the colors that line the Big Salmon River. Hike the Hearst Lodge trail up to Rody Pool to experience the river for awesome peak colors.

Take a drive through beautiful Springfield on route 124 and turn onto route 695 leaving the beautifully coloured Belleisle Bay behind. As you drive up and over the numerous hills and as you arrive at Cambridge Narrows, overlooking the grand Washademoak Lake you will be delighted with the fall colours. Cross the span of bridges and turn right onto Lakeview Drive (route 715) As you drive along route 715 through the thicket of golden hardwoods with that ever surprising splash of brilliant red of the maples and under growth of colourful shrubbery, you leave the view of the water, and before you know it your overlooking the water again from the other side.

If you haven't had enough of fall colours keep on driving from Sussex to Saint John along either route 1 or the 121 along the Kennebecasis River. There is hardly a minute when you aren't in full surround with the flashey signs of fall.

The Tobique is looking its best! Nictau fall colors are now at their peak. Anyone wanting to drive up Route 385 from Plaster Rock to Mt. Carleton will be impressed with the colors.

Come to Restigouche if you want to see autumn leaves in full regalia. The colours are breathtaking!! Red, orange, yellow, green. The colour is everywhere on routes 134 ,11, and 17and at Morrisey Rock and Boudreau Lane and Sugary Hill It is a true masterpiece of art.

Kouchibouguac national park has reached approximately 55% of its autumn colours. The past week gave us cool fall temperatures with two good frosts. The maple trees are in full colour, showing off their yellows, oranges and reds all along the pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, and other access roads.

This New Brunswick Autumn colours report is brought to you by the Canadian Forestry Association of New Brunswick. More information on Autumn Colours can be found on our website at www.cfanb.ca