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Week 5 Report

Autumn Colours 2008

Fifth Report
October 13 - October 20, 2008

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Autumn Colours - Fifth Report 2008

This is the final Autumn Colours report from New Brunswick. Most of the trees are bare and the colours have faded away. Winter will soon be here.

The Belleisle Bay is surrounded with colour in every direction. Driving along route 10 towards Sussex gives you a lasting impression of the beautiful colours of hard woods, especially as you approach Keirstead Mountain overlooking the Sussex valley.

The drive throughout the valley from Sussex to Saint John on either route
121 or the #1 encloses you with a beautiful view of continuous colour. This year appears to be one of the best for colour in the southern part of the province. Get out and enjoy it now!!

There are still lots of foliage along the many side roads in Kings and Queens Counties for your pleasure. Now is the time to take in all the fall beauty we are so proud to boast about in New Brunswick.

Hwy. 111 from St. Martins east to Sussex and west to Saint John airport was full of peak color Thanksgiving weekend. The Fundy Trail's last day opened was October 13th. Though the main gate is closed the winter gate is open for hiking and bicycling. This winter you will find two groomed trails for skiing. So, bring your snow shoes and enjoy the winter.

In the Restigouche area the colours on the mountains are much softer with most of the reds gone but there are still many beautiful individual trees throughout the region .The many sunny days that we have had lately really bring out the copper and bronze colours that surround us.

The Peak season has arrived in Nictau and perhaps 30 % of the leaves have fallen here. The ridge across the river from Nictau is at its best!

This New Brunswick Autumn colours report is brought to you by the Canadian Forestry Association of New Brunswick. More information on Autumn Colours can be found on our website at www.cfanb.ca